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Elastic JEANS Braces with clip and laces _ELASTIC

Elastic JEANS Braces with clip and laces _ELASTIC

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  • Modello: Elastic Y braces with clip and laces
  • Larghezza: 3,5 cm
  • Taglia: M 160/200m
  • Materiale: 100% elastic poliester
  • Disegno : solid
Handmade in Italy

We only manufacture our braces with quality and Italian materials.

The elastic material of the suspenders is treated with special dyes of natural origin which prevent the clothes from staining in contact with sweat.

The terminals (clips, eyelets or laces) are interchangeable. You can do it very quickly so that you can combine the shoulder strap with the shoe or other elements of your outfit.

You can also find spare parts for new and additional combinations on sale.

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